Complete Skin Cancer Treatments in Lincoln, NE


If you have been diagnosed with skin cancer or have noticed irregular marks on your skin, the providers at Gateway Dermatology PC can help you. We diagnose skin cancer and treat it with Mohs surgery and other advanced procedures. Dr. David A. Bigler has been performing skin cancer treatments in Lincoln, NE since 1985. Know that you are in capable hands when you come to our clinic.


Skin Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment


If you notice an unusual bump, sore, or lesion on your skin, visit our clinic as soon as possible. We perform a full body scan to determine whether you need treatment to remove cancerous cells.


If you do need skin cancer treatments, Dr. Bigler performs a trusted, state-of-the-art procedure called Mohs surgery. Through this procedure, Dr. Bigler removes thin layers of cancerous skin until the cancer is eliminated. This surgery causes minimal damage to the surrounding healthy tissue. It is performed on an outpatient basis using an anesthetic.


Dr. Bigler can verify right away that he has fully removed all signs of cancer. At Gateway Dermatology PC, we have an in-house Mohs laboratory, where we can process slides and give you immediate results.


Our Clinic
Our clinic is located in the Legacy Square Office Building in Lincoln, NE. We keep our clinic comfortable and welcoming. We respect your schedule by offering a large selection of appointment times and short wait times.


As a board-certified dermatologist, Dr. Bigler is passionate about treating and curing skin cancer and other skin conditions. He was trained in Mohs surgery and other skin cancer treatments at the University of Iowa. He is prepared to remove every trace of skin cancer so you can enjoy healthy skin once again.


Stop your cancer before it spreads. Call us at 402-467-4361 to schedule an appointment in Lincoln, NE.